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10 Great Things about Family

Families aren’t perfect. Sometimes family members can frustrate us or annoy us or disappoint us. But having a family that’s there for you in good times and bad is an awesome blessing! Here are 10 things that are great about family:

  1. They love you no matter what. Really, what could be better than that?
  2. They teach you. Remember learning to tie your shoes or ride a bike? You probably learned those things (and a million others!) from the people in your family.
  3. They take care of you when you’re sick. Who else is going to make you chicken soup when you have a cold or swab you down with calamine lotion when you have poison ivy?
  4. They know you better than anyone else in the world (and they still love you)!
  5. They have your back. They stand up for you when no one else will.
  6. They let you know when you mess up. Yeah, this part’s not always fun, but we need the people who love us to hold us accountable when we do something wrong. (And, yes, they still love you!)
  7. They share the work. Chores can be hard or boring, but it’s a lot easier (sometimes even fun) when you have your family to share a big job with.
  8. They understand when you’re happy or sad, cranky or silly, or…whatever.
  9. They share wonderful memories with you.
  10. They’re a gift from God to you, and you are a gift from God to them!


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