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7 Strategies for Wise Tech Usage

by Karen M. Leet

Technology is part of our daily lives, and that’s mostly good. Yes, we all know that it can be used in bad ways—think of cyber bullying or ignoring people in real life because you’re obsessed with your devices. But we can also use technology in lots of good ways—including to help and encourage friends and family and to serve God.

Try these strategies for good tech use:

  1. Deepen your faith. Look for ways to get closer to God using your devices. Keep a file of scripture verses to learn and people you want to pray for. Set reminders to pray during the day. Explore devotional apps.
  2. Share your knowledge. Help a neighbor figure out a new phone. Recommend sites that might help a sibling with research for a school assignment. Volunteer to help younger kids with their tech skills.
  3. Be patient. Not everyone is a tech expert. Some people may struggle with new tech info or how to use it more than others. Offer your help in a way that’s actually…you know, helpful.
  4. Accept limits. Do your parents have rules about how and when you use your devices? Do you try to obey those rules? Or do you think the rules are unfair and try to ignore or get around them? Talk over the rules with your parents and do your best to understand their concerns.
  5. Work together. How can your family get closer by using technology? Can you play games together? Learn a new skill together? Set up video chats with grandparents or others who live far away? Start an e-newsletter to connect distant family members?
  6. Pray. Ask God to help you to use technology in good ways and to understand and accept the limits your parents and teachers set. Ask God to help you use technology in ways that honor God and help others.
  7. Keep it in perspective. Technology enhances our lives in many ways every day. But don’t let it become a substitute for connecting with people “in real life.”




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