About Us


Pockets® is a 48-page devotional magazine for children ages 6-12, published by The Upper Room®. Launched in 1981, the magazine began as a response to parents and grandparents who wanted a devotional magazine especially for children. The magazine is published 11 times per year. (January/February is a combined issue). Pockets is designed for the personal use of children to help them grow in their relationship with God. The magazine is distributed by individual subscriptions and standing orders to churches, which provide the magazine to the children in their congregations. Pockets includes full-color photos, stories, poems, games, mission-focused activities, daily scripture readings, non-fiction features, and contributions from children who read the magazine. Pockets receives regular feedback from a Kids’ Advisory Board. Members of the board serve for one year. They evaluate each issue, suggest themes for future issues, and give input on various questions throughout the year.

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