January/February 2016


This issue might touch on include use of time, care of our bodies, attention to important relationships, and, of course, nurturing our spiritual lives.

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Observing Lent in Your Family

Ash Wednesday, February 10, marks the beginning of the six-week observance of Lent in the church. Lent culminates in the events of Holy Week, leading up to the great exultation of Easter Sunday. Because the mood of Lent itself is somber and introspective — some would even say gloomy — we often wonder how to include children in its observance.
But Lent doesn’t have to be gloomy! Solemn, yes; but not gloomy. And children can do solemn. Perhaps we should ask ourselves why the opportunity to become more Christ-like is often presented as such a gloomy prospect. more

02/11/2016 at 10:15 am


Family Easter Worship Center

Make this Easter worship center for your family to use on Easter day and the week after Easter.

Start with a large, white pillar candle. Ask an adult to carve the symbols for the Greek letters A (alpha) and W (omega) and a cross into the candle. You can use acrylic paint or permanent marker to color the symbols. You can also paint “2016” at the bottom of the candle. more

02/10/2016 at 02:07 pm


Family Time Lenten Sacrifices

During the season of Lent, people often give up things to remind them of the sacrifice Jesus made in giving up his life for us. Here are some sacrifices for your family to try during the six weeks of Lent:


02/10/2016 at 12:13 pm


Family Time: Living Lent

The Christian season of Lent is the time when we prepare to celebrate Easter. We spend extra time talking with and listening to God in prayer, reading our Bibles, serving others, and, sometimes, giving up things we enjoy. more

02/10/2016 at 10:09 am



Conversation Starters


* What would you say are the most important things to our family? How do you know those are most important?

* If something is important to us, how do we show that?

* What’s one thing you hope to accomplish or learn this year? How are you going to do it?

* What’s one thing you’d like for us to do as a family this year? What would we need to do to make it possible?

01/25/2016 at 02:35 pm

What’s Different?

There are at least 18 differences between these two pictures. How many can you find?


01/05/2016 at 12:38 pm


Choosing To Follow a Star:Moving from Christmas to Epiphany

by Janet R. Knight

The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with excitement (and, yes, a good bit of stress) as already-full family calendars accommodate special church services, school programs, parties, holiday meals, shopping for and wrapping gifts, etc. Even families that choose to opt out of many of the more consumer-oriented parts of the season are likely to find themselves busier than ever. But for most families, certainly for most children, it is a fun and festive season. more

01/01/2016 at 07:56 am

Three Boys

6 Ways To Get Your Resolutions To Stick

by Karen M. Leet

How have your New Year’s resolutions worked out in the past? Often we start off with great plans—work harder, stop arguing with siblings, get better grades, read the Bible every day. But after a while, we fall back into our old habits. Here are some tips for making and keeping resolutions: more

01/01/2016 at 07:54 am


Christmas Tree Pizza

here’s a fun, easy recipe you can make for a Christmas party or for a festive dinner for your family sometime this month. more

12/03/2015 at 03:08 pm


The List

6 Simple Ways to Spread Joy in Jesus

by Karen M. Leet

‘Tis the season for Christmas trees and caroling, for fruitcakes and fun, for jingle bells and joy. ‘Tis the season for Jesus. Here are some simple ways you can spread joy in Jesus this Christmas: more

11/30/2015 at 03:00 pm

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