August 2016


We want to help children see that their daily responsibilities are part of being faithful to God.

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Where in God’s World is Tanzania?

Fascinating Facts about Tanzania


This is the largest country in East Africa and is about twice the size of the state of California. It includes three islands—Zanzibar, Pemba, and Mafia. Zanzibar was originally a separate country, but in 1964 Zanzibar and the mainland (known then as Tanganyika) formed the United Republic of Tanzania. more

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10 Ways to Show You’re Responsible

Want your parents, teachers, and others to trust you and know that you’re responsible? Try these strategies!


07/29/2016 at 12:28 pm

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Conversation starters

* What are the things you’re responsible for?

* Do you ever feel like you have too many responsibilities? When do you feel that way?

* Why is it important for all of us to carry out our responsibilities? How does it help our family work better?

* What happens when someone doesn’t do something they’re supposed to do?

* How does being faithful to our daily responsibilities (at home, at school, in our communities) help us to live the way God wants us to live?

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Talking About: Family Responsibilities

Sharing responsibilities is an important part of family life. Here’s an activity to help your family look at how family responsibilities are shared and carried out.


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