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Family Easter Worship Center


Make this Easter worship center for your family to use on Easter day and the week after Easter.

Start with a large, white pillar candle. Ask an adult to carve the symbols for the Greek letters A (alpha) and W (omega) and a cross into the candle. You can use acrylic paint or permanent marker to color the symbols. You can also paint “2017” at the bottom of the candle.

This candle goes in the middle of your worship center.

Next make Easter banners out paper of different colors or plain, white paper. Put words on the banners such as


*Alleluia*Christ is risen*Joy*Hope*New Life


Draw symbols of Easter or spring on your banners. Hang your banners in the area of your worship center or lay them on the table with the candle.

On Easter and each day during the week after Easter, gather around your worship center. One person can light the candle and say, “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” Other family members can respond by saying, “The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!” Read parts of the Easter story from the different Gospels and say a prayer like this:

Thank you, God, for the good news of Easter. Thank you for the new life that you have promised through Christ. Thank for the beauty and hope of this season. Amen.



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