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Family Time Lenten Sacrifices


During the season of Lent, people often give up things to remind them of the sacrifice Jesus made in giving up his life for us. Here are some sacrifices for your family to try during the six weeks of Lent:

Week One: Give up a favorite TV show. During the time that show is normally on, spend time together as a family, talking or playing a game.


Week Two: Give up eating out and donate the money you normally spend to a food bank in your area. Spend your family time learning more about hunger in your community.


Week Three: Give up the time you normally spend on a hobby. Use that time to help a neighbor with a chore that’s hard for him or her to do. Spend your family time praying for each of your neighbors by name.


Week Four: Give up complaining. This one’s hard, and complaining isn’t always bad (if our complaints are a way to help make things better). But try to replace complaining words with more positive ones. Spend your family time talking about what you learned from trying this.


Week Five: Give up snacks and desserts and donate the money you would have spent to your church’s relief program. Spend your family time learning more about the helping ministries of your church.


Week Six: Give up the things you don’t need. Go through closets and shelves for clothes you don’t wear anymore and things you don’t need. Donate those that are in good shape to an agency in your community that helps people in need. Spend your family time praying for those people and giving thanks for your blessings.





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