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Family Time: Living Lent


The Christian season of Lent is the time when we prepare to celebrate Easter. We spend extra time talking with and listening to God in prayer, reading our Bibles, serving others, and, sometimes, giving up things we enjoy.

If your family hasn’t tried any special practices for Lent in the past or hasn’t decided on any practices for this year, check out these suggestions and talk about how you’d like to observe Lent as a family.

  • Have simpler meals, maybe having dessert only on the weekends. Donate the money you would have spent to a food bank.
  • Agree to reduce your “screen time.” You may want to designate a “no tech” night each week and spend time playing a game or reading a Bible story together.
  • Decorate a can or small box to collect spare change from family members. At the end of Lent, decide together on an organization to donate the money to.
  • Clean up the yard of someone who can’t do that chore. (If you don’t know anyone, ask at your church for a suggestion.)
  • Invite someone who’s new to your church or neighborhood over for a meal.
  • Invite someone to attend Holy Week or Easter services with your family.
  • Offer to help prepare for some of the special services at your church.
  • Intentionally do a kind deed every day for someone at school or work. Share what each person has done when you gather for meals.


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