For Kids

Do 1 Thing


December 21-27

For your family

* Without being asked, clean the living room or family room to help get ready for guests.

* Make a simple snack for your family to share while you have a quiet time together in front of your Christmas tree.

* Write a note thanking your parents for all they do to make Christmas fun and meaningful for you.

* Pray for family members you won’t be with this Christmas.


December 28-31

For your neighbors

* With a parent’s permission, invite kids in your neighborhood over for a game afternoon.

* Ask your family to go with you to visit a neighbor who may be lonely.

* Help a neighbor with a chore (shoveling snow, recycling, putting away Christmas decorations, etc.) that may be hard for him or her to do.

* Pray for God to bless each of your neighbors in the coming year.



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