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I Can Be a Hero

Read Romans 12:9-13.

One: Ruth stayed with her mother-in-law when her mother-in-law didn’t want to be alone.

All: Like Ruth, I can stay with someone who needs me.

One: David trusted that God would help Israel and volunteered for God to use him.

All: Like David, I can trust God, and I can offer to help.

One: Timothy, though he was young, taught others about Jesus.

All: Like Timothy, I can tell others about the good news of Jesus and God’s love.

One: Miriam waited until someone came and found Moses and then spoke out, saying she knew someone who could take care of him.

All: Like Miriam, I can be patient; and I can be courageous and speak out.

One: Samuel, at a young age, gave his life to serving God.

All: Like Samuel, I can be willing to serve God and answer God’s call.

Prayer: God, there are so many ways that we can help people. Help us to be willing to serve in any way we can. Amen.

Together Time

Pick an everyday hero from your community for each week of the month and find a way to honor the person. Here are some suggestions: make cookies and take them to your local fire or ambulance station, put together a basket of supplies for a teacher, make a homemade card of appreciation for a church-school teacher, invite a helpful neighbor to share a meal in your home.



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