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Tell us about your

Favorite Family Tradition!


The Prize: $10

The Guidelines:

  1. Traditions are part of what makes our families special and fun! A tradition could involve anything from the way you celebrate a birthday or holiday to something a family member always says at a certain time. It could have been around for generations, or it could be something fairly new. It could be serious or funny.
  2. Tell us about one or two favorite traditions in your family. What’s the tradition? How did it get started (if you know)? Why is a favorite for you?
  3.  We’ll pay $10 for each family tradition we publish in the May 2018 issue.
  4. You must be 6-12 years old.
  5. Include your first and last name, your mailing address, and your age (even if you email your entry).

6. Mail your entry on or before August 31 to:

Contest – Pockets magazine

P.O. Box 340004

Nashville, TN  37203-0004

or email it to pockets@upperroom.org with “contest entry” in the subject line.



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