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Listening to God

Read 1 Kings 19:11-13.

One: Elijah waited for God in the great wind.

All: God was not in the great wind.

One: Elijah waited for God in the earthquake.

All: But God was not in the earthquake.

One: Then there was silence.

All: And God was in the silence.

One: We live in a noisy world.

All: Sometimes that makes it hard for us to hear what God wants to say to us.

One: Sometimes it is hard for us to feel God near us.

All: But God is always near.

One: Let us make sure that every day has a quiet time for prayer.

All: Let us make sure that we take time every day to talk with God.

One: Let us make sure that we take time every day to listen for what God is saying to us.

All: Let us wait for God in the silence.

Prayer: Loving God, help us to shut out distractions and to focus on you every day. Thank you for always being with us. Amen.


Together Time:

Talk together about times in your lives when you have “heard” God. (Parents, you may way to help children understand that we usually do not hear God the way we hear each other speaking. If possible, offer examples from you own life of occasions when you have “heard” God speaking to you.)

Practice sitting in silence together for a short period of time. (Let the length of time be based on the children’s ages and whether this is a new practice for your family. As you gather for family time this month, include a slightly longer period of silence each time. Conclude with the prayer above. At the end of the month, give everyone a chance to talk about how they felt about the silence and any ways they may have heard God speaking to them.)



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