September 2015


How we make choices that impact our lives and our relationships with others and how we find the strength to avoid temptations and make the right choices is in this issue.

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08/28/2015 at 01:38 pm

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Helping Kids Make Good Choices

As parents, grandparents, Christian educators—as people who love children—we may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the choices that face our kids today. In some sense, there’s nothing new about having to choose. Since Eve was tempted by the serpent in the garden, humans have been making choices. And some of the choices our children face today are no different from the ones we faced and continue to face: whether to speak up when we see someone being treated unfairly, whether to be a faithful friend, whether to choose a lifestyle that helps us maintain health and wellness, whether to remain honest when a bit of dishonesty seems to promise a reward of some sort. The list could go on, right? more

08/28/2015 at 01:16 pm


About this issue

September 2015—Choices

Just as it is for us, life for children is full of choices and temptations. To do homework or spend an extra hour watching YouTube videos? To ignore a shy newcomer or go out of your way to include him or her? To cheat on a test or risk being grounded for getting a bad grade? To experiment, just this once, with alcohol to impress daring friends or risk being ostracized? To speak up for what you believe or remain silent and let others assume you agree with them? So how do we choose? And how do our choices impact our lives and our relationships with others? How do we find the strength to avoid temptations and make the right choices? How do we help others to make good choices? And where do we find grace and forgiveness when we’ve made the wrong choice?


08/28/2015 at 01:14 pm

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