August 2015


We want to help children understand that they are never truly alone, that God is with them always.

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Conversation starters

* What are some times when you might feel lonely? What helps you to feel better when you’re lonely?

* How is being alone different from feeling lonely?

* Is there anyone we know in our neighborhood or church who seems lonely? What could our family do to help that person?

* Can you think of a time when someone helped you when you were feeling lonely? What did that person do? How did you feel?

07/30/2015 at 02:15 pm

Where in God’s World is Austria?

Fascinating Facts about Austria

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This landlocked country in central Europe is home to 8 million people and is a little smaller than the state of Maine. About a fourth of the people live in the capital city of Vienna. more

07/30/2015 at 02:13 pm


About this Issue-July 2015

July 2015—Competition

Competition for Pockets readers could be many things: striving to make the best grades, wanting to have the coolest clothes, trying to be the best player on the soccer team or in the school orchestra, or consistently vying to be the center of attention. Competition can be healthy when it encourages us to do our best, but it is unhealthy when it causes us to make “winning” too important. We hope this issue will help children examine their motives for competing and the role of competition in their lives. We want to invite children to view the competitive arenas of their lives (as we want them to view all of their lives) in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


06/26/2015 at 07:45 am

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