January/February 2016


This issue might touch on include use of time, care of our bodies, attention to important relationships, and, of course, nurturing our spiritual lives.

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Lenten Pretzels

by Pat Trattles


Pretzels are a traditional food for Lent, the season before Easter. One reason is that pretzels are shaped like two arms crossed in prayer. (Instead of folding their hands like we often do now, early Christians crossed their arms over their chests when they prayed.) You can bake up your own batch of Lenten pretzels by following this simple recipe:


01/25/2016 at 01:33 pm


Family Easter Worship Center

Make this Easter worship center for your family to use on Easter day and the week after Easter.

Start with a large, white pillar candle. Ask an adult to carve the symbols for the Greek letters A (alpha) and W (omega) and a cross into the candle. You can use acrylic paint or permanent marker to color the symbols. You can also paint “2016” at the bottom of the candle. more

02/10/2016 at 02:07 pm

Lenten calendar

Lent/Easter prayer calendar

Lent is the six-week period before Easter when we get ready to celebrate Christ’s resurrection by looking carefully at our lives and making changes that can help us get closer to God. Lent begins this year on February 10 and continues until Easter. This calendar has ideas of people to pray for, scriptures to memorize, and activities for Lent and the first few days of the Easter season.


02/11/2016 at 09:21 am

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