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The List: 10 Ways to Pray for Others

by Doris Schuchard

Share God’s love and yours by trying these ideas.

  1. Handy Prayers: Write short prayer reminders—maybe the initials of a friend who’s moving or the date your grandma’s having surgery—on your fingers.
  2. Tech Prayers: Send yourself an email or set a reminder of people you want to pray for. Or remind yourself to pray by setting that word as your password.
  3. Out and About: When you’re biking or riding the bus or in the family car, pray for the people whose houses you pass.
  4. Basket of Prayers: Fill a basket with pictures or small objects (for example, a bandage for someone who’s sick) that stand for people who need your prayers. Pick one each day and pray for that person.
  5. Where in the World?: Place your finger lightly on a globe and spin it. Pray for the people in the country where it stops.
  6. Prayer Chain: Write each prayer request on a strip of paper. Loop and glue the strips together to make a chain. Go over your chain each day and pray for each person.
  7. A to Z: Challenge yourself to pray through the whole alphabet in a day. (“Dear God, help Abby with her test.” “Be with my baseball team at our game today, Lord.” “Please, keep my family safe in the car, God.”)
  8. Prayer Buds: Find a friend and agree to pray for each other at the same time each day.
  9. Care Card: Include a special message or Bible verse in birthday, holiday, or get-well cards. Let your friends know you’re praying for them!
  10. Prayer Poems: Create prayer poems and record them in a notebook. Try this:
    Line 1: Name of person

Line 2: Words describing that person

Line 3: How the person feels

Line 4: What the person needs

Line 5: Words that tell your relationship to the person.



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