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Eight Great Ways to Celebrate Easter

  1. Make small Easter baskets (or gift bags) for your family members with favorite Bible verses, special prayers, and a few small treats.
  2. Get up early to watch the sunrise or go to a sunrise church service with your family or friends.
  3. Use an Easter greeting like, “Alleluia! Christ is risen!”
  4. Sing your favorite song of praise to God.
  5. Leave notes for your family or friends with messages like Christ is risen! or Alleluia! or Christ is alive!
  6. Make Easter cards for your neighbors and friends. Deliver them in person, if you can.
  7. Write your own Easter poem or song and share it with someone.
  8. Close your eyes and imagine the scene when the women went to the tomb on the first Easter morning. If you want to, write down how you see the scene.



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