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10 Great Things To Do While You Wait

by Karen M. Leet

Advent is a season of waiting. As you wait to celebrate Jesus’ birth, spend your time doing things to honor him.

  1. Donate clothes, toys, and books you’ve outgrown.
  2. Drop your spare change in a bell-ringer’s bucket or another charity collection.
  3. At least once a week during Advent, make a list of five ways God has blessed you lately.
  4. Good idea: Use your own money to buy a food item to donate. Better: Ask your friends to join you in donating food. Even better: Ask a group of friends to donate food and then volunteer to work at the food bank.
  5. Give secret, small gifts to someone in your family or at your school.
  6. Read a psalm each week.
  7. Read the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20) to your family.
  8. Give sincere compliments to your family, your friends, and your teachers.
  9. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with chores.
  10. Thank God for each new day, no matter what’s happening.


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