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10 Ways to Stay Positive!

by Karen M. Leet

  1. Smile! You don’t need to pretend to be cheerful when you’re not, but sometimes just smiling can help you feel better.
  2. Start the day with prayer and praise. Before you get up each day, take a moment to praise God and ask for God’s help in seeing the good in the day ahead.
  3. Count your blessings. Yeah, maybe it is kind of a cliché. But when your problems look bigger than your blessings, it’s time to focus on those blessings. There are probably more than you think!
  4. Expect the best from God. Remember that God loves you and cares for you, even when you can’t see it. And remember that God is with you no matter what’s going on.
  5. Choose an encouraging scripture for the day or week. Write it down and keep it with you or memorize it.
  6. Speak positively. When everyone around you is complaining and looking at the worst in people and situations, try to say something positive. Sometimes one positive comment can turn the conversation around.
  7. Trust God. When everything seems to be going wrong, that’s the moment to trust God. Pray. Ask God to guide you through the rough parts of your day.
  8. Try not to worry. Worry rarely helps, and most of the things we worry about either won’t happen or won’t be as bad as we think. When you feel worried, turn your thoughts to God’s love and care for you.
  9. Make the best of even the worst days. Ask God to show you something good even on the worst day. And remember that even a terrible day is just one day.
  10. End the day with prayer and praise. Thank God even on the worst days. Ask God to help make the next day a better one.






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