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10 Ways to Show Love for Your Family

  1. Use kind words. Kind words spread (and so do unkind ones!). So say “please” and “thank you.” Give compliments. Use encouraging words.
  2. Do things without waiting to be asked. If you see something that needs to be done, do it—even if it’s not normally your responsibility.
  3. Remind them they’re important to you. You love your parents and your siblings, right? Let them know it!
  4. Make the Golden Rule your guide. If you wouldn’t want it done or said to you, don’t do or say it to someone else.
  5. Listen. Sometimes we’re so busy that we don’t really listen to others. Giving someone your full attention and listening well is a great gift to them.
  6. Forgive. No one’s perfect. Be willing to talk things over and forgive. And don’t forget to ask for forgiveness when you’ve hurt someone.
  7. Make time for them. Friends are great. Activities are fun. But make sure you’re spending enough time with your family each day.
  8. Look for the good things. It’s easy to focus on what bothers us about someone else. Try to appreciate the things you like about each family member.
  9. Surprise them. Plan a family game night, make a treat for everyone, or surprise your family in some other fun way.
  10. Pray for them each day. Give thanks for them; pray for their needs; ask God to be with them and bless them.




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