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Using March in Families

Here are some ideas for using the March issue of Pockets, on the theme of Jealousy, in your home:

* Check out The List (page 7) with your children and pick out one or more of these days to celebrate as a family.

* Read Do 1 Thing (page 9) and decide on 1 Thing you will do each week as a family to help others.

* Keep the Lenten Prayer Calendar (pp. 20-21) out where everyone can see it and follow it as a family this month.

* Read “Living Lent” (p. 37) and pick one of the suggested activities to do each week this month.

* Make the Creamy Potato Soup (p. 15) and invite a neighbor over to share it with you.

* Follow the readings from Pocketsful of Scripture (pp. 14-15) together.

* Learn about Suriname by reading “Where in God’s World?” (pp. 28-29).

* Try the Family Time activity (p. 48).



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