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Using November 2017 in Families

Here are some ideas for using the November issue of Pockets, on the theme of Gratitude, in your home:

  • Read The List (page 7) and let everyone choose one way they’ll try to “grow gratitude” in his or her life this month.
  • Read Do 1 Thing (page 9) and decide on 1 Thing you will do each week as a family to help others.
  • Read the Thanksgiving prayers sent in by Pockets readers (pages 6, 27, and 34) and try writing your own Thanksgiving poems. (Let each person write his or her own poem or work together on one poem.) Illustrate your poem or poems and post them near where your family will celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
  • Follow the Thanksgiving Prayer Calendar (page 16) together.
  • Learn more about Mother Teresa (page 41) and talk about Faith Heroes you know.
  • Read Family Time (page 48) and pick one or more of these activities to “put more thanks in your family’s Thanksgiving.”


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