Using Pockets in Groups

Though Pockets is primarily a resource for children’s personal use, the magazine can be used in groups as supplemental Sunday-school material or with weeknight groups or Pockets clubs. Here are some suggestions for using the April issue, on the theme of Listening in weekly segments.


Week One:

Read: The Strongest Words (pp. 2-4)

Discuss: Is it easier to remember the good things or the bad things people say to or about you? Why? What does God say about us? (Leader: have some scripture references ready for this: Psalm 139:14 “fearfully and wonderfully made”; Isaiah 43:4 “precious in my sight”; John 15:15 “friend”; 1 John 3:1 “children of God.”)

Pray: For people who don’t feel important or valuable

Do: Write each group member’s name at the top of a sheet of paper or large index card. Pass the cards among the group and have every group member write one positive thing about the person whose card it is. Give each group member the card with their name on it to take home. Encourage them to hang onto the cards to be reminded of the good things others see in them.


Week Two:

Read: Close Enough (pp. 10-12)

Discuss: How was God answering Abby’s prayer to make new friends? Why do you think she didn’t recognize the answer? Can you think of a time when God was answering one of your prayers but you couldn’t see it?

Pray: For kids trying to fit in in new places

Do: Read about the contest on page 24 and work on your entries.


Week Three:

Read: Tree Frog Trail (pp. 17-19)

Discuss: Do you ever have a hard time listening to the people you’re with? What makes it hard? What could help you be a better listener?

Pray: To learn to listen better

Do: Choose one of the reader recipes from pages 24-25 to make together.


Week Four:

Read: Unplugged (pp. 32-34)

Discuss: In what ways does technology keep you from listening to the world around you? Are there any ways technology helps you listen better or listen to people you might not hear from otherwise?

Pray: To be good caretakers of God’s creation

Do: Read Six Steps to Better Listening on page 7 and talk about ways you will work to develop better listening skills.


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