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Using this Issue in Groups

Though Pockets is primarily a resource for children’s personal use, the magazine can be used in groups as supplemental Sunday-school material or with weeknight groups or Pockets clubs. Here are some suggestions for using the May issue, on the theme of Family Traditions in weekly segments.

Week One:

Read: 100% Angela (pp. 2-4)

Discuss: Can you think of any stories from your family’s heritage that you’ve learned? Are there stories that grandparents or older relatives talk about that are an important part of your family history? Why are stories important in families?

Pray: A prayer of thanksgiving for the families represented in your group

Do: Make the picture frame from Get Crafty on p. 25.


Week Two:

Read: Guess What? (pp. 10-12)

Discuss: What are some of the traditions in your family around food or activities? Which ones are important to you?

Pray: For the families of your church

Do: Read about the contest on page 24 and work on your entries.


Week Three:

Read: An Unhappy Camper (pp. 32-34)

Discuss: Samantha and Amelia were excited to share their family traditions with Caleb, but Caleb didn’t enjoy the things they wanted to do. Why not?

Pray: For families dealing with difficult changes

Do: Read about the favorite family traditions of some Pockets readers (pp. 20-21) and talk about the favorite traditions of people in your group.


Week Four:

Read: My Family (pp. 44-46)

Discuss: What did Alex learn about his family? How did he feel about it? Do you think you would be happy or disappointed if your family was like Alex’s? Why?

Pray: To live in ways that please God

Do: Make the Easy S’mores (p. 24) and share them.





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