December 2014


Due Date: 05/01/2014

In truth, the December issue of Pockets hardly needs an assigned theme. The Advent themes of waiting, hope, welcoming, joy, peace, and love are all we need to guide us on our journey to find Emmanuel, God with us. We want this issue to help children begin to understand how Jesus’ birth, God’s incarnation, is made new to us each Advent and Christmas and how this sense of God with us guides our lives throughout the year.

January 2015

Being Yourself

Due Date: 06/01/2014

Each of us is created in God’s image and dearly loved by our Creator. Because of this, each of us is of infinite value and worth. We want this issue to help children experience this sense of belovedness and uniqueness. Grounded in this experience, we are more able to be ourselves, to withstand those influences that tempt us to imitate others or feel that we’re not “good enough,” to accept who we are and how we look, and to accept our weaknesses and celebrate our strengths. And knowing that we are beloved, we are also more able to value and respect the worth and uniqueness of those around us.

March 2015


Due Date: 08/01/2014

“I don’t know how to talk to God.” “How do I know God is listening?” “Why doesn’t God speak to me?” As we receive these and other comments and questions from children, we are reminded that they want to be in regular communication with God. Children are serious about prayer. They want to know how to have conversation with God. We do not want to prescribe a “right way” to pray but rather to help them realize there are many avenues of prayer in which to pursue their relationship with God. We want children to understand that God can be a part of every moment of every day. Quiet time, journaling, breath prayers, music, movement, the beauty of creation, everything and everyone they encounter in a day can point to God. We want this issue to help children come to the understanding that living each day can draw them close to God.

April 2015


Due Date: 09/01/2014

Economic turmoil, terrorism, war, natural disasters—as we are inundated with these and other accounts and images of suffering, it is easy to feel despair. Yet the message of Easter, of the Resurrection, is hope! Our faith in God and our decision to follow the risen Christ call us to live with hope. And it is out of hope that we are able to respond to the needs of our neighbors—next door and around the world. This issue will look at how the sure knowledge that a loving God created both us and our world helps us to have hope, how the good news of Jesus’ resurrection turns our eyes from despair to hope, how we respond to seemingly hopeless situations with the confidence of children of God.

May 2015

Family Challenges

Due Date: 10/01/2014

Family is the basic community in which faith is lived out and passed on, and each year our May issue focuses on some aspect of family life. This year we want to look at some of the challenges faced by families. Some possibilities: economic circumstances that add stress to family life, the encroachment of technology into family time, demands on both parents and children in our fast-paced world, as well as the more familiar topics such as changing family configurations, sibling rivalry, family rules, and living respectfully with one another. One of our overall goals in Pockets is to show children that faith is part of our everyday lives, so we are particularly interested here in the ways faith equips us to face the challenges we face each day.

June 2015

Caring for Creation

Due Date: 11/01/2014

Being good stewards of God’s creation is not only a matter of our self-interest or good intentions. It is a basic way of honoring our Creator. The aim of this issue is two-fold: a celebration of the wonder of creation and a challenge to look at practical ways we can address the earth’s problems. Typically this theme draws many stories on recycling and litter pick-up. While these are certainly important efforts (and we may feature one such story), we encourage writers to think more broadly about realistic ways children can have a positive impact on the environment. The tone should be hopeful and show that we can accomplish great things when we open ourselves to God’s power working through us.



Special Needs

  • Articles about real children involved in environmental efforts, peacemaking, and helping others. Please send photos of these children with your manuscript and indicate the name and address of the photographer. We prefer photos of the children actively involved in their project. Digital photos must be 300-dpi for clear print resolution. Please include parents‘ permission to use photos.
  • Interviews with well-known people, relating how their faith in God is important to them in their daily lives

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