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6 Extraordinary things about Every Ordinary Day

by Karen M. Leet

Is this just a plain, ordinary day for you? Has your entire week felt ordinary? Maybe even boring? That’s a normal feeling! But stop and think about this: you are a child of God. The Creator of the universe loves you! God is with you every moment of every day. That means every day has the potential to be extraordinary!

Here are six things that make every day with God extraordinary:

  • Creation—The sun rises each morning. Birds sing to greet the new day. Lacy snowflakes fall. Flowers bloom. The night sky sparkles with stars. The world is filled with God’s amazing creations. Enjoy them, and give thanks!
  • “Ordinary” blessings—Do you have a clothes to wear and food to eat? Do you have a safe place to live, clean water to drink, and lights to turn on at night? We don’t often think about it, but these are some of the ways God provides for us each day.
  • People—Think about the people in your life. Friends and family. Teachers and coaches. Neighbors and kind strangers. Nobody is perfect, but there are people around you who love you, care about you, and want good things for your life. Wherever you go, notice the people around you, and appreciate them.
  • The Bible—If you don’t already have a habit of reading from the Bible every day, give it a try. God speaks to us through the words of the Bible, offering wisdom, guidance, and joy. Memorize verses to recite when you go through hard times. Copy down your favorites and carry them with you.
  • Love—God loves you. Out of love for us, God sent Jesus to the world. What could be more special and amazing than that?
  • Presence—God is with you. Every day. All day and all night. God will never leave you or forget about you. Every day offers a new opportunity to enjoy being in God’s presence!


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