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A Litany on Courage

One: God, sometimes it seems that we are always worried about something or afraid of something. It takes courage to face our fears, both big and small. Help us to remember that you will give us that courage.

All: Help us to remember to trust you, God. Amen.

One: The psalmist wrote, “Even if I go through the darkest places,

All: I won’t be afraid because I know that you are with me, God.”*

One: And, “God is our shelter and strength.

All: God is always ready to help in times of trouble.

Leader: So we will not be afraid.

All: Even if the earth shakes and the mountains fall.”**

One: Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. God knows what you need, and God cares about you.”***

All: We can trust God when we need courage.

Leader: And Paul wrote that God’s Spirit does not make us afraid. ****

All: We are God’s children, and we will trust in God.

Prayer: Dear God, help us remember to turn to you when we need courage to face the situations that challenge us. Amen.


*Psalm 23:4 **Psalm 46:1-2 ***Matthew 6:25. ****2 Timothy 1:7

All scriptures paraphrased.



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