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A Note About Our Final Issue

Dear friends,

We have some sad news to share with you. The next issue of Pockets (January/February 2020) will be our last. For almost 40 years, we’ve been blessed to be a part of helping kids grow in their relationship with God. We are grateful for every child who has read our issues, sent their creative contributions to us, or served on our Kids’ Advisory Board. We are grateful for every family or friend who has chosen to provide Pockets to the children they love and every church that has invested in the spiritual lives of its children in this way. We are grateful to the many talented writers, designers, and artists who have poured their gifts into this ministry because they believed in it as much as we did.

The decision to end the publication of Pockets was a difficult one, but much has changed in the world of publishing since our first issue came out in November/December 1981. As we anticipate with sadness the end of Pockets, we look forward with hope to new ways of serving children and their families in the future.

While Pockets will be impossible to replace, each month we will be releasing a few theme-based articles, stories, games, and resources similar to what you have grown to love through the pages of our magazine. You can find these, along with other resources for children, youth, and young adults, at UpperRoom.org/RisingGenerations. Be sure to subscribe to our Rising Generations newsletter to learn about new plans as they develop and check back next month to see what’s new!


The staff of Pockets



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