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April 2019—Hope

Terrorism, mass shootings, war, the plight of refugees, natural disasters—as we are inundated with these and other images of suffering, it is easy to feel despair. Yet the message of Easter, of the Resurrection, is hope! Our faith in God and our decision to follow the risen Christ call us to live each day with hope. With hope we are able to respond to the needs of our neighbors—next door and around the world. This issue will look at how the sure knowledge that a loving God created us and the world helps us to have hope, how the good news of Jesus’ resurrection turns our eyes from despair to hope, how we respond to seemingly hopeless situations with the confidence of children of God.


In “Floodwaters and Treetops,” Kade wishes his family could move away after a flood damages their home and neighborhood.

In “Too Much Moving” Tiffany’s family is ready to move again, but Tiffany is tired of leaving friends behind.

In “Tree Frog Trail,” Zoe searches for hope after a fire damages the wildlife refuge center.

In “The Door Jamb,” Gabe helps his young cousin learn to hope for a good day.

In “The Butterfly,” Mandy is dealing deals with the death of her best friend.

Pocketsful of Scripture focuses on readings from the Gospels.

Where in God’s World? looks at Georgia.

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May 2019—Family Cooperation

Our May issues typically focus on some aspect of family life. This issue will look at cooperation in the family. What are some of the situations that require cooperation? How does cooperation in our families reflect God’s will for us and for the world we live in? If families are the basic community in which faith is lived and passed on, what do our family relationships say to the world about our faith? How do our efforts to cooperate with one another within our families help us to share God’s love? This issue might also help children see their families as part of an ever-widening circle of families that includes neighborhood, church, community, and ultimately the world.

June 2019—All Creatures Great and Small

Since most children love animals, this theme seems like a natural one for Pockets. This issue is part just-for-fun and part celebration of the many wonderful creatures God has given us to share the earth with. We’ll look at what it means to live respectfully and responsibly with animals.

July 2019—Friendship

True friends are one of God’s great gifts. But making and keeping friends can be difficult for children to negotiate, and questions abound. How do I choose my friends? What qualities are and aren’t important in a friend? How do I know I’m being a good friend? How do friends deal with disagreements and disappointment with one another? What happens when my friend wants me to do something I know is wrong? How do I know if someone is a true friend? Can I be a friend to someone who seems really different than me? This issue will explore what it means to be a friend and how our faith shapes our friendships.



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