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August 2018—Good Sports

Participation in sports is a huge factor in many children’s lives, and athletics are definitely part of this issue. But we’re going beyond the playing field. Graceful winning and losing, fairness, thinking of the good of the group, keeping competition in perspective—these are lessons that extend to all sorts of relationships. How do we learn and apply the lessons of good sportsmanship on and off the field? How do these lessons intersect with the way we live as followers of Christ every day?



In “The No Hitter” Daniel is on the verge of pitching the perfect game he has long imagined. Then the coach decides to let the second-string pitcher play.

In “Try and Tri Again,” Natalie has been teased since kindergarten about being slow. When a friend invites her to train for a kids’ triathlon, Natalie is sure it’s a terrible idea.

In “Tree Frog Trail,” our continuing feature series, Marcos learns a lesson about competition from his sister and friends.

In “Choosing Sides,” Aaron is proud to be the best athlete in school and he looks forward to being able to pick his team in gym class. When a new teacher does away with choosing sides, Aaron thinks it’s completely unfair.

In “The Mystery Writers of Cruger Avenue,” Molly tries to make peace between two competitive friends.

Pocketsful of Scripture includes readings Joshua, Daniel, Matthew, and Acts.

Where in God’s World? focuses on Andorra.


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September 2018—Courage    

While we often think of extraordinary acts of heroism as examples of courage (and, of course, they are), many everyday acts demonstrate courage as well. It takes courage to overcome our everyday fears. It takes courage to live hopefully in a fearful (and often fearsome) world. It takes courage to live the way Jesus taught us to live when others may question or ridicule our choices. Courage, of course, does not mean an absence of fear, and we want to help children understand that everyone has fears. This issue should help them realize, however, that they have a reservoir of courage that comes from God and that this courage is available to them at any time and in any circumstance.


October 2018—The Golden Rule     

“Do to others as you would have them do to you,” is so basic and familiar that we sometimes overlook how difficult it can be to live out. Often it’s hard enough to consistently treat those we love with the kindness and compassion we’d like to receive. How much more difficult is it to extend that kindness and compassion to a crabby neighbor or a rude clerk? A bully or someone who has spread a nasty rumor about us? A person who mocks our beliefs or challenges our worldview? This issue will help children see how the Golden Rule applies to their everyday lives and invite them to think about what the world might be like if every single person followed that rule.



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