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September 2018—Courage

While we often think of extraordinary acts of heroism as examples of courage (and, of course, they are), many everyday acts demonstrate courage as well. It takes courage to overcome our everyday fears.It takes courage to live hopefully in a fearful (and often fearsome) world. It takes courage to live the way Jesus taught us to live when others may question or ridicule our choices. Courage, of course, does not mean an absence of fear, and we want to help children understand that everyone has fears. This issue should help them realize, that they have a reservoir of courage that comes from God and that this courage is available to them at any time and in any circumstance.


In “The Purple Tag” Colin wants to adopt a big, mean dog to keep the neighborhood bully away. But when he and his mom visit the shelter, Colin finds a very different kind of dog that really needs him.

In “Rule #2,” Haley longs to speak up in a class discussion when several of her classmates argue about whether stealing is sometimes okay.

In “Tree Frog Trail,” our continuing feature series, Callie has a great idea for a school service project, but when she finds out that she has to present her idea in front of the whole school she’s sure she won’t be able to do it.

In “No Fear in Faith,” Faith is embarrassed that she never learned to ride a bike and is trying to teach herself before some friends come over. Then she has to make an even more difficult admission to her parents.

In “Phantom Falls,” Sam needs courage when his dad passes out while the two are on a remote hike.


Pocketsful of Scripture includes readings from the prophets Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, and Amos.

Where in God’s World? focuses on Nicaragua.

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October 2018—The Golden Rule

“Do to others as you would have them do to you,” is so basic and familiar that we sometimes overlook how difficult it can be to live out. Often it’s hard enough to consistently treat those we love with the kindness and compassion we’d like to receive. How much more difficult is it to extend that kindness and compassion to a crabby neighbor or a rude clerk? A bully or someone who has spread a nasty rumor about us? A person who mocks our beliefs or challenges our worldview? This issue will help children see how the Golden Rule applies to their everyday lives and invite them to think about what the world might be like if every single person followed that rule.

November 2018—Hospitality

Themes of welcoming and hospitality seem perfect for November, a month when many of us give thanks for our blessings and feel prompted to share with others. How are Christians called to be hospitable? What does it mean to “welcome the stranger”? How can we welcome others in our communities, churches, and schools and make them feel that they are wanted and special? How can we “entertain angels without knowing it” (Hebrews 13:2 nrsv)? How does the spirit of hospitality that Thanksgiving engenders remain with us throughout the year?

December 2018—Welcoming Jesus

Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, is a time of great excitement. This issue should help children understand that there is a much greater reason for excitement than the activities of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The focus of this issue is on helping children understand what Jesus’ birth means for them and for the world. This issue definitely includes many elements of the celebrative fun of Christmas and Epiphany, but we also want to help children remember that Advent is about preparing our hearts to receive the gift of God’s son. It is this gift that we hope children receive over and over again each year to shape their lives.



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