November 2019

Little Things

We want to help children realize that all these things added up reveal how truly blessed they are—even when they don’t get exactly what they’ve wished for.

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Advent Devotions

by Janet R. Knight

       You can buy Advent wreaths or make your own by setting four candles in a circle and surrounding them with greenery. Advent wreaths usually have three purple candles and one pink candle or four purple candles. (The pink candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent.) A taller, white candle (the “Christ candle”), representing Jesus, goes in the center of the wreath. more

10/31/2019 at 01:23 pm

The List

7 Simple (But Important) Blessings

by Karen Leet

Do you know that you are blessed? Sure, you probably don’t have everything you want. But stop and think about the countless small blessings in your life. Start a journal to write down some of those little things you may take for granted Every day, thank God for these small blessings. more

10/31/2019 at 01:21 pm

Using November 2019 in Groups

Though Pockets is primarily a resource for children’s personal use, the magazine can be used in groups as supplemental Sunday-school material or with weeknight groups or Pockets clubs. Here are some suggestions for using the November issue, on the theme of Little Things, in weekly segments.


10/31/2019 at 01:12 pm

About this issue (November)

November 2019—Little Things

Have you ever prayed or wished fervently for something that you didn’t get? How did you feel? Disappointed? Discontent? Sometimes when we focus on the big things we want but don’t have, we overlook the little gifts and blessings that come our way. more

10/31/2019 at 12:58 pm

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