December 2016

The Gift of God's Love

This issue celebrates the fun of Christmas and Epiphany. We want to help children remember that Advent is about preparing to receive the gift of God’s son. It is
this gift that we hope
children receive over and over again each year to shape their lives.

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Using December 2016 in Families

Here are some ideas for using the December issue of Pockets, on the theme of The Gift of God’s Love, with your family: more

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About the December 2016 issue

December 2016—The Gift of God’s Love

The season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, calls us to prepare to receive again the gift of God’s love in the person of Jesus Christ. more

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Conversation Starters

* What do we do as a family that helps you remember that we’re getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday? Is there anything else we need to do to help us remember to focus on Jesus?

* If you could give one person a special gift this season, who would you give that gift to and what would the gift be?

* What did you do today to help someone else? What did someone do to help you?

* What’s your favorite part of celebrating Christmas?

* How can we keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our family after the holidays are over?

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Advent Family Devotions

by Anne Broyles

The Advent Wreath: You can buy an Advent wreath or make your own by setting four candles in a circle and surrounding them with greenery. Advent wreaths usually have three purple candles and one pink candle, or four purple candles. If your wreath has a pink candle, light it on the third Sunday of Advent. A taller, white candle (the “Christ candle”), representing Jesus, goes in the center of the wreath. more

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