This month’s List:
12 Ways to Have More Christmas Spirit

1. Read Christmas passages from the Bible: Matthew 1:18-2:6, John 1:1-18, Luke 2:1-20.
2. Volunteer for a Christmas charity, such as sorting gifts for a toy drive.
3. Go to a Christmas pageant or candlelight service at your church or a friend’s church.
4. Read one of your old, favorite Christmas books to a younger child.
5. Invite friends over to watch a Christmas movie with you.
6. Decorate an outdoor tree for the birds and other wildlife.
7. Make a birthday cake for Jesus and take it to a family shelter.
8. Sing carols in your neighborhood or at a nursing home.
9. Visit a “live nativity” with your family.
10. Make a food bank collection box for your house. Every time this month you have a holiday treat or special meal, put something in the box.
11. Take plates of cookies to your local police and fire stations.
12. Take time every day to pray and give thanks for Jesus.



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