The month’s List by Karen M. Leet, 7 Signs That You Haven’t Forgiven:

Sometimes, even when we know we should forgive people, it’s hard. Here are some signs that you may have more work to do.

1. Anger. Still feel furious when you think about what happened? That often means you haven’t really forgiven yet.
2. Complaining. Do you find yourself talking a lot about how unfair what happened was? You might not have fully forgiven.
3. Reminders. Do you keep reminding the person who wronged you about it? Sounds like it still bothers you. Try talking it over with God and the other person, too.
4. Seeking revenge. Do you find yourself thinking up ways to get back at the other person? If so, you definitely haven’t reached forgiveness.
5. Finding it hard to pray. Praying for the person who hurt you can help you let go of feeling bad and start truly forgiving.
6. Sadness. If you still feel sad, hurt, or unhappy about what happened, you may not be done forgiving. Ask for God’s help and talk things over with a trusted adult.
7. Broken relationship. If you avoid a person who was important to you in the past, you may need to pray for God’s guidance in healing the relationship.



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