This month’s List:
6 Awesome God Surprises
by Karen M. Leet

Our God is full of surprises. Sometimes we may not even notice, but God’s gifts and blessings are all around us. Here are some of the ways God surprises us:

1. With love. Nobody loves us the way God does. Our Creator knows everything about us and loves us, no matter what.
2. With creation. God surprises us with the beauty of the world around us—blue skies, sunshine to warm our faces, stars to light the night, the mighty roaring oceans, bird songs, busy ants, fragile flowers, towering trees—and much, much more.
3. With moments of joy. You know those times when you feel happy for no real reason—like singing or laughing, full of excitement? God can send us moments of pure joy.
4. With small gifts. A kind word from a parent. A compliment from your teacher. A postcard from an aunt. Fresh-baked cookies from a neighbor. God can work through the people around us to give us encouragement in the form of small gifts.
5. With God’s whispers. Sometimes it’s confusing when people say they “hear” God. But if you pay attention, you may notice God’s whispers in a thought in your mind, in a sense of God’s loving presence with you, in a remembered Bible verse just when you need it, or in a word from someone who loves you.
6. With God’s care for us. God not only loves us, God cares about each one of us—about the big and little things that happen to us each day, about how we’re feeling, about the things that make us happy or sad or proud or angry or confused. Nothing that concerns us is too big or too small for God.



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