We often think of peer pressure (our theme this month) as something that mostly affects kids, but it’s not. (Where would advertising be without it, right?) Author Karen Leet suggests asking ourselves a few questions on the topic in this short article:
Hmmm…Some ???? about Peer Pressure
by Karen M. Leet

So what exactly is peer pressure? It just means that the people you spend most of your time with can shape who you are and how you act. Here are some questions to ask yourself about how peer pressure affects you:
1. Who am I? When I’m with peers, do I act or talk differently than I do at other times?
2. If I do act differently, am I better or worse? Do I make better choices? Do my peers help me to be a better person?
3. Am I doing what I know God wants me to do? Do my friends help me be closer to God?
4. How do I change my peers? Can I say or do anything to help them know God’s love? Do I set a good example?
5. What’s more important to me—pleasing God or pleasing my friends? Does God like the choices I make when I am with my friends?
6. Is a friend making bad choices? Can I help him or her make better choices? Am I afraid to say anything because that friend might get mad? Do I copy any bad choices to try to fit in?
7. Do I pray about peer pressure? Do I ask God to help me make good choices no matter what everyone else does? Do I ask God to help me influence others to make good choices?



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