Here’s a fun family (or other group) activity from our November issue:
Gratitude Trees
Even though every day is a chance to be thankful for all of God’s gifts to us, the Thanksgiving season is a special reminder of God’s generosity and our response.
Make a gratitude tree in one of the following forms, or create your own kind of tree as a home decoration for the Thanksgiving season:

*Find a small tree limb with lots of branches and secure it in a heavy vase with marbles or use plaster of Paris in a coffee can or other container. Cut leaves out of red, orange, and yellow construction paper. Punch a hole in the top of each leaf. Each family member writes the things for which they are grateful on the leaves with markers. Use string to tie leaves to the tree.

*Cut a tree with branches from a large piece of cardboard. Cut empty toilet paper rolls in one-inch rounds. Bend each round piece into a leaf shape. On small slips of paper or sticky notes, write what you are thankful for and place it inside the 3-D leaf.

*Choose a large piece of felt for a background. From brown felt, cut a tree and branches. On leaves cut from colored felt, each person can write the things for which they are thankful. If your tree is hung on a wall, attach leaves with push pins. If you display the tree flat, lay leaves on the background felt piece.

However your family makes and decorates the tree, leave out extra leaves and markers so that as people later think of additional things for which they are grateful to add to the tree. If you have guests for Thanksgiving, invite them to add their own leaves.



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