From this month’s issue: three fun ways to keep your family focused on the real reason for this season:
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
by Valera Gregory

Here are some fun ideas to keep the focus of your family’s Christmas celebration on Jesus by having a party to celebrate his birthday. Though any of these would be fun for just the family, it could also be a good time to invite others to join your celebration.
1. Make or buy cupcakes. Put a birthday candle on each cupcake to remind everyone that Jesus is the light of the world. Light the candles and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Before each person blows out their candle, ask them to do one of these:
• Tell one thing that they are thankful to God for.
• Tell one thing about Jesus that means the most to them. Hints: Loving, kind, forgiving, patient, the light of the world, a friend, the Savior, or one that you think of.
• Pray for a friend or family member who needs to experience God’s love in a special way.
• Pray for a person who is sick or has a problem.
2. Get presents for a family who needs help having a happy Christmas. Set a time with your family to wrap your presents. Pray together for each person who will receive the presents. Write Bible verses on cards and put one on each gift. If you’re able to deliver your presents to the family in person, take along a snack or birthday cake to share with them.
3. Have a make-your-own pizza party. Get pizza crusts, sauce, and toppings. Write the names of carols that tell about Jesus’ birth on strips of paper. Fold the strips and put them in a basket or large mug. While you make and bake pizzas, take turns drawing a carol to sing. The person who picks the carol has to start it! After singing, talk about what the words of the song tell us about Jesus’ birth. Take turns saying one thing about Christmas that is the most special thing, then name one person that each of you will pray for—family, friend, or neighbor—to have a very happy Christmas celebration.



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