It is Passover and Passover lasts for eight days. Why should we consider Passover? Does it have any relevance and significance for us today? Yes indeed.
During Passover Jesus Christ was crucified, and his timing was always impeccable and precise.
1,300 years previously, following argument, struggle, and battle with Pharaoh, Moses was told to tell the people of God to take a one year old lamb and kill it.
They were to paint their doorposts with the blood of the lamb and they were to eat the roast lamb indoors.
What a picture. They were safe in the lamb, and the lamb was nourishing and strengthening them for what lay ahead.
They took a one year old ram, and not a cuddly new born lamb!
These Hebrews were about to be delivered from four hundred years of bondage and slavery in Egypt.
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God in his prime, delivers men from slavery to sin, no matter what that sin may be; addiction, anger, apathy, unbelief, or rebellion.
That night, in Egypt, the first born in each unmarked home died.
The messenger of death would pass over the homes marked with the blood of the lamb.
Those who had been slaves were released and set free, and were cut off from the chasing Egyptians, by the waters of the Red Sea.
Their past had been dealt with.
If all this were not historically accurate and theologically true, why would Jesus Christ bother celebrating the Passover on his last night on earth?
These Hebrew people had to apply the blood to the doorposts.
I cannot apply the blood of Jesus to your life any more than Moses could apply it for them.
Each individual person must assume that spiritual responsibility, before it is too late.

Sandy Shaw
Nairn Christian Fellowship

(This week’s “Nairnshire Telegraph” column)



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