Here’s this month’s List:

8 Great Things to be Generous With
1. Money—Yep, this is this first thing we usually think of when we think of generosity. When you can, use your money to help those in need.
2. Stuff—Most of us have way more than we need! Try this: give away one thing for each new thing you get. (Just make sure the things you give away are in good condition.)
3. Time—This one’s hard when you already feel super-busy! But chances are, if you pay attention to how you spend your time, you’ll find that you have more of it to give than you thought.
4. Your view of others—Choose to think the best of people. Don’t assume that someone is deliberately being mean or stuck-up or whatever. Ask yourself if there’s another way to look at the situation.
5. Ideas—Your idea may be the one that solves a problem—or not. But when you have a good idea, share it freely and don’t worry about who gets credit for the solution.
6. Talents—God has given you gifts—whether it’s being great at soccer or making friends or playing the flute. Whatever your talent, there’s a way to use it to help someone else.
7. Compassion—Care for others the way you would like to be cared for. Pay attention. Listen. Let people know you are concerned about their problems.
8. Prayers—Pray for others. Pray with others. Pray for your community. Pray for the world. God is always ready to listen!



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