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Holy Ground

Read Exodus 3:1-6; Matthew 5:1-2; and Acts 8:34-35.

One: When Moses saw a burning bush, then heard God’s voice …

All: … he was on holy ground.

One: When the crowd listened as Jesus taught them in the Sermon on the Mount …

All: … they were on holy ground.

One: When Philip told the Ethiopian about Jesus …

All: … they were on holy ground.

One: Anytime and anywhere we meet God …

All: … we are on holy ground.

One: We meet God in our homes, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our towns.

All: All of these places are holy ground.

One: Whenever people are kind to one another and try to help others, we meet God in them.

All: And that is holy ground.

Prayer: Loving God, may our words and actions help make our homes, schools, and workplaces holy ground, where people see your love through us. Amen.

Together Time:

Week One: Let each family member name and draw a “holy ground” place for him or her.

Week Two: If you don’t have a family worship area, try to create such a space in your home. It doesn’t need to be elaborate: a table, a shelf, even a windowsill will do. Place your Bible, other devotional materials you use, a cross, and, if you want, other symbols that remind you of God in the space. This space will be holy ground in your home, where family members can go alone or together to have quiet time with God.

Week Three: Think of a way your family can be “holy ground” for someone else this week. Perform an unexpected act of kindness for someone.

Week Four: Take a walk together in your neighborhood or a park and look for holy ground — places that remind you of the wonder of God’s creation.



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