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Kids Contest

Book Love

Tell us about your favorite character in a book.

The Prize: $10

The Guidelines:

  1. Tell us about your favorite character in a book you really love. (And we know that the Bible is your favorite book. But for this contest we’re talking about other books.) Who is the character, and what part does he or she play in the book? What do you like about the character (and the book)?
  2. Your entry should be 50 words or less.
  3. You must be six to 12 years old.
  4. Mail your entry on or before August 31 to:


Pockets Magazine

P.O. Box 340004

Nashville, TN  37203-0004


Email your entry and information (name, address, age) to us at pockets@upperroom.org with “contest entry” in the subject line.




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