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New Year Litany

New Year, New Beginnings

Read Isaiah 43:15-21.

One: We give thanks to God for new beginnings.

All: We give thanks to God for this new year.

One: We give thanks for a new year, but we know that with God …

All: … we can make a new beginning anytime.

One: When we do something that hurts someone else, we can ask God and the person to forgive us.

All: We can make a new beginning.

One: When we have a bad habit that is causing us to harm ourselves, we can ask God’s help each day to get rid of the bad habit.

All: We can make a new beginning.

One: When we want to begin something new that will help us to live more the way God wants us to, we can ask God to help us make the change.

All: We can make a new beginning.

One: God’s love for us is always new; God never gives up on us.

All: God always offers us another chance.

One: God is always ready …

All: … to help us make a new beginning.


Prayer: God of new beginnings, we thank you that with you we can always begin again. Thank you for always loving us and giving us a chance to start over. Help us to see the places where we need to make a new beginning. Give us the courage and trust that we need to make those changes. Amen.

Together Time: Give each person a chance to talk about his or her hopes for the new year. Where do you need to make new beginnings? Let each person write a prayer asking God’s help in making the hopes real.


Mel Hooper

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