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10 Easy Ways to Find Balance

  1. Make time for quiet time: paint a picture, work a puzzle, or watch the sunset.
  2. Sleep on it! Too little sleep makes it hard to balance other areas of your life. (Experts recommend at least 8.5 hours a night for preteens, more for younger kids.)
  3. Declutter and organize your stuff: closet, books, toys, sports gear, or art supplies.
  4. Balance your budget—decide how much money you want to spend, save, and give to your church and charities. Ask a parent if you need help.
  5. Take a tech break. Give your phone, computer, TV, and other devices a rest. And head outdoors for a walk.
  6. Been so busy that you’ve practically forgotten you even have a four-legged best friend? Take your pet walking with you! (No pet? Spend some time observing birds or other wildlife near you.)
  7. Eat a good variety of food. (Yes, even fruits and veggies!)
  8. Friends are great, but time with your family is important, too! Plan a family game night to spend some extra time together.
  9. Talk to God—every day!
  10. Not sure where your time goes? Make a list of your activities, like swim lessons, Bible study, video games, even eating and sleeping. Write how much time you spend on each. Do you need to spend more time in some areas? Or less?


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