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10 Ways To Be a Great Sport

(on and off the field)

  1. Be a good winner. Sure, you’re happy you did well, but don’t brag or make fun of those who lost.
  2. Be a good loser. Don’t pout, blame others, or say mean things about those who won.
  3. Give your best effort—even if you get only a tiny part in the play or end up in the outfield when you know you’re a great pitcher.
  4. Compliment those who do well. Kind words are always welcome.
  5. Encourage those who make mistakes. Think how you’d feel if you were the one who just played the wrong note in a solo or missed a pass in the big game. Then say what you’d want someone to say to you.
  6. Share your talent. Are you a great speller? Offer to study with a classmate who’s struggling. Soccer star? Practice with a teammate who needs a little help.
  7. If you have the chance to choose team members, pick someone who’s usually chosen last.
  8. Say thanks to the adults who coach and officiate your games, lead your choir, sponsor your clubs, etc.
  9. Never cheat, even if you think you can get away with it, or that other people do it, or that no one will know. You’ll know. And so will God.
  10. Pray before you play. Thank God for the opportunity and pray for the safety of all involved.


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