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6 Golden Rule Rules to Live By

by Karen M. Leet


“Do to others as you would have them to do to you.” Yep, life would be a whole lot better if everybody really lived by that rule. Nobody being mean or getting even. No bullies. No liars. No cheaters. We’re definitely not there yet, but here are a few ways we can get started.

  1. Think first. Before you say something, ask yourself: Is this something I’d want someone to say to me (or about me)? No? Then don’t say it to anybody else.
  2. Be kind. When someone is rude, uncaring, or selfish, look for a way to be kind. Hold open a door. Smile. Say, “Have a great day.” Do your best to be kind even when others aren’t.
  3. Was your teacher unfair? Did a kid at school lie about you? Has your best friend been ignoring you? Ask God to help you find solutions, and trust God to be there for you.
  4. Be an encourager. Offer sincere compliments. Praise friends who do well. Thank family members for the little, everyday things they do for you.
  5. Don’t keep score. It’s hard to forget about someone being rude or inconsiderate, but holding on to it doesn’t help anyone. Ask God to help you to forgive and to let it go.
  6. Don’t be discouraged. It’s frustrating when others don’t even try to live by the Golden Rule, but don’t give up! It has to start somewhere—and that can be with you. With God’s help, you can be a person who does live by the Golden Rule and make a difference in your world.







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