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8 Great Ways to Practice Humility

  • Think big! You are part of a larger community—an important part, but not the only part. Being humble means caring about what’s good for the group, not just for ourselves.

  • Help others. Think about what people in your community need. Lend a hand to a friend who is working on a difficult project. Or listen to someone who is going through a rough time.
  •  Be grateful. Notice the many things people do for you each day, and let them know you appreciate them.
  • Listen and learn. We may not like it when others give us advice, especially if we think we don’t need it. But ask yourself, “Is this person trying to help me? Is there something I could learn here?” Chances are, the answer to at least one of those questions is “Yes.”
  • Acknowledge others. Did you bring home a great report card? Score the winning soccer goal? Get a solo part in the kids’ choir musical? Awesome—you worked hard! But it also probably took support from others who helped and believed in you. Don’t forget them in your moment of victory.
  • Own your mistakes. No one likes admitting it when they’ve done something wrong, but it’s part of being humble. Everyone messes up. So when you do, own it and apologize.
  • Be happy for others. Didn’t get the best grade on the science test or make the baseball team? Be happy for those who did and celebrate their success.

Know your worth. You are a child of God. It’s easier to be humble when you remember that your value doesn’t come from getting the best grades or making the team or always being right. You are important because God created you and loves you.



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