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8 Great Ways to Care for God’s Creatures

by Karen M. Leet

This is God’s beautiful world! What can we do to help keep it that way? How about giving God’s creatures—large and small, wild and tame—some help? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Shelters often need helpers to feed animals, walk dogs, or play with kittens. See what you can do to help abandoned or neglected pets.
  2. Having a pet is a huge responsibility! But if your family decides to get a pet, consider adopting one from a shelter. Make sure your family is ready for to provide lots of love, healthy food, veterinary care including spaying or neutering, and regular time for play and exercise for your pet.
  3. Make a sanctuary for wildlife. If you have a backyard, you may have room to create a mini animal sanctuary. Put out a birdbath to provide water (and keep it clean and fresh). Learn about plants that will provide food for wildlife and plant some. Provide “hiding places” for the animals to feel safe.
  4. Hang birdhouses and feeders in safe spots to invite birds into your yard. You can also put out nest materials such as dried grass, bits of yarn or string, and lint from your dryer filter.
  5. Plant trees, if you have space for them. Trees provide shelter and food for many animals.
  6. Don’t bother wild animals. If you see an injured wild animal, check with your local shelter or search online to locate a trained wildlife rehab person in your area.
  7. Never litter! Trash is dangerous to wildlife in many ways, including spoiling the places where they live.
  8. These are God’s creatures, so ask God to help you find ways to help care for them.


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