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8 Changes and How to Embrace Them

  1. New neighbor? Help bake a batch of cookies or a one-pot meal to bring to a new neighbor. Include a note welcoming them to your neighborhood.
  2. New classmate? Introduce yourself. Ask if he or she has any questions or needs any help finding things. Invite the new student to sit with you and your friends at lunch. Share info about what you like about your school.
  3. New family at church? Pray for the family. If they have kids, invite them to your Sunday-school class. Invite the new family to join your family at an upcoming church event.
  4. Friend in the hospital? If possible, visit your friend. Bring a photo or make a poster reminding your friend that he or she is loved. If you can’t visit, ask if you can talk to or your friend on the phone or mail him or her a homemade card.
  5. Moving? With your family, research new, fun places near your new home. Explore a new park, playground, or pizzeria. Find a new mini-golf place, skating rink, or bowling alley.
  6. Getting glasses or braces? Focus on how much the glasses or braces will help you. Think of successful people who, like you, wore (or wear) glasses or braces.
  7. Getting a new sibling or step-sibling? Ask your family to help make a list of traditions you want to keep and new traditions you’d like to add.
  8. Trying a new sport or club? Look for one person in the group with whom you’d like to make friends. You can then ask that new friend to help you if you have any questions.




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