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7 Simple (But Important) Blessings

by Karen Leet

Do you know that you are blessed? Sure, you probably don’t have everything you want. But stop and think about the countless small blessings in your life. Start a journal to write down some of those little things you may take for granted Every day, thank God for these small blessings.

  1. Food. Maybe you don’t always love (or even like) the meals you have. But you can still give thanks to God that you have food to eat.
  2. Clothes. Sometimes you may wish you had newer clothes or more clothes or different clothes, but you can be thankful for what you have. Think about your favorite outfit and why you like it. Then thank God for it.
  3. A place to live. Even if where you live isn’t your dream home, you can appreciate it. Look around your home, and let your heart be grateful for it.
  4. An opportunity to learn. Do you go to school or do homeschooling with your family? Do you have people who share knowledge with you? Are you learning new things every week or even every day? Be grateful that your education is making your life better and preparing you for the future.
  5. The beauty of creation. Soak up the beauty of the sky—the sun, moon, clouds, and stars. Look around. Do you see trees, grass, or flowers? Are there birds, squirrels, or other wildlife around? Make a list of what you see, and thank God for the wonders of creation.
  6. Your unique self. What are your strengths and skills? Do you enjoy art or music or cracking jokes? Do you love to run or dance or shoot baskets? Are you interested in cooking or archery or skiing? God made you to be a special, unique part of God’s creation. Give thanks for that!
  7. Love. Make a list or draw pictures of people who love you and whom you love. Think about friends and family members who are special to you. Think about teachers, neighbors, and people at your church who care about you. Rejoice and be thankful for them. And if you don’t feel very loved at times, think about this: God loves you—always—and that will never change!


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