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7 Small Changes To Get Started On

by Karen Leet

New year—new beginning! But trying to change too much too fast can be discouraging and cause us to give up. Here are some ideas for starting small:

  1. Want to eat healthy? Try adding one serving daily of something good for you. Instead of trying to change the way you eat all at once, try adding a salad to your dinner, carrots to your lunch, or an apple to your breakfast.
  2. Want to be fitter? Add a little more movement to your day. Take a ten-minute walk. Shoot baskets for 15 minutes. Ride your bike around the block a few times.
  3. Went to be kinder? Make one nice comment to a friend, neighbor, or family member each day. Look for a chance to give a sincere compliment, express your appreciation, or say something encouraging.
  4. Want to be more giving? Set aside some loose change each week. After a few months, donate what you’ve accumulated to your church or a local charity.
  5. Want to read your Bible more? Each day, read one or two verses. Choose a time that works for you and try to stick to it. (Early morning or right before you go to bed work for lots of people.) Form a habit of reading that one small portion every day.
  6. Want to break a bad habit? For example, if you want to quit having sodas or sugary snacks, cut down by one serving each day.
  7. Want to expand your “new you” efforts? Once you’ve incorporated your small change and it feels natural, then you’re ready to add on. Read two Bible verses more a day, or add a few more minutes to your daily walk or bike ride. By starting small and forming new, better habits, you’ll get to the new beginning you hope for.

Mel Hooper

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