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The List for October

10 Ways to Shine

  1. Be honest. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat, even a little. Don’t gossip or spread rumors.
  2. Be kind. Look for opportunities to treat others with kindness.
  3. Be compassionate. You can’t always “fix” someone else’s problems, but you can try to understand and do what you can to help.
  4. Stand up for what you believe. Don’t go along when you know something’s wrong, and don’t be afraid to let others know when you believe something strongly.
  5. Speak up for others. It’s tempting to keep quiet when someone’s being picked on or teased in a mean way; but if you know it’s not right, say so!
  6. Respect everyone. Some people are harder to like than others, but everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
  7. Pay attention. Sometimes we just don’t notice when people around us need help, so look for opportunities.
  8. Be yourself. God created you to be the wonderful, amazing person you are, so don’t worry about trying to be like someone else.
  9. Don’t judge. It’s impossible to know what people are like based on how they look or where they’re from or whatever way we’re tempted to judge them.
  10. Pray for your family, your friends, your church, your school, your community, the world.




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